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Anna Waronker


Guitarist/vocalist Anna Waronker embarked on a solo career when her band, that dog., disbanded in 1997. The band's last album, Retreat From the Sun, was initially composed as Anna's first album, but it would be another five years until she would try again. The daughter of famed producer Lenny Waronker worked on music for films and television. Anna contributed tracks to the teen flick Josie and the Pussycats (2001) and arranged the theme for UPN's 1996-1999 sitcom Clueless. She also stretched her credentials into the business side of music; Anna and husband Steve McDonald (Redd Kross) produced Imperial Teen's witty third album, On. She and sister-in-law Charlotte Caffey (the Go-Go's) formed their own label, Five Foot Two, in early 2001. This gave Anna room to create her own musical adventures. Anna Waronker exuded raw pop sound with layered, lush harmonies on her proper debut, Anna, in summer 2002. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi
Genres: alternative pop, deep acoustic pop

Guitar Chords:

How Am I Doing
Love Story