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Anna Leone


Anna Leone has always had a rich inner life. A video game and sci-fi obsessive, she grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm devouring Marvel and DC comics. “Transporting yourself into another world is really just something I love to do,” she reflects.
23-year-old Leone has always been something of an introvert. In high school, she began teaching herself to play guitar, with the sole intention of covering the songs she loved. Her own songwriting came slowly, and the songs she has been quietly crafting since high school were all solo, secretive endeavors.
Anna Leone’s delicate, soaring acoustic songs are mostly “about relationships, and primarily about the relationship you have with yourself.” On her stirringly vulnerable debut “My Soul, I,” her raspy vocal floats above uplifting chords, melancholy yet hopeful.
For Leone, the fantastical art she loves to indulge in is all about escaping, and big, existential questions, like: what makes a person? And what if we’re not alone in the universe? But in her own music, her aim is only for “people to connect to the music, to feel something.” Her subject matter may come from being alone, but her songs pierce you so directly they’ll remind you that you never really are.
Genres: swedish singer-songwriter

Guitar Chords:

If You Only
I Never Really
My Soul I
Wandered Away