Anna Clendening Guitar Chords

Anna Clendening


From the moment pop singer-songwriter Anna Clendening appeared on the scene, her music hit home with thousands—and very quickly, millions—of people.

Five years ago, at home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Clendening recorded a video of herself singing an acoustic version of “Gas Pedal,” the monster hit from Sage the Gemini, and casually posted it online. It quickly went viral and she eventually garnered over 2.5 million followers online.

Recently, Clendening’s breakout acoustic version of her single, “Boys Like You,” amassed 40+ million total streams online and has set the stage for her breakout new music to follow. Stylistically, Clendening’s songs range from acoustic to alternative pop with an edge, but each is hook-heavy and relatable. Vocally, she can deliver incredibly personal material with a honeyed grace. Although she has had many viral moments and millions of streams online, ultimately Clendening has spent years honing her craft and building a loyal fanbase, and this is just the beginning.

Guitar Chords:

Boys Like You
I Found Myself
So Gone Challenge
To My Parents