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Anna Bergendahl


This January Anna did a long-awaited comeback with her two singles "Vice" and "Broken Melody". “Vice” is one of the most played songs on Sweden’s biggest radio network P4 this spring. Shortly thereafter Anna released the follow-up EP "We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes EP" and a single with the same title. Now she´s back with her new single "Rasie The Vibe". With her unmistakable voice and a luxurious and dramatic sound she shows up new sides of herself.
”Raise the vibe is a reflection on the Me Too movement in which women in a collective power finally dared to speak up about the most severe consequences of being a woman in the patriarchy. A song about what it looks like when women make a change – when the pen is mightier than the sword. My hope is that it can be an uplifting song for all women, men and intergender who fight for equality!”

Anna Bergendahl is 26 years old and has already been on stage for over half of her life. She has been on a long and intensive journey from ‘Idol’, ’Eurovision Song Contest’, being number one on the single- and album charts, via a launch in the USA through to finding herself in the same studio with her dream producer Larry Klein. She sold platina and went on tour. Back to 2018, now returning with new, personalised material. Anna has managed to fit in her studies to be a qualified doctor and worked as a goodwill-ambassador at the UN in conjunction with her career as an artist.
Genres: europop, swedish folk pop, swedish pop

Guitar Chords:

The Army
This Is My Life
This Is My Life (ver. 2)
This Is My Life (ver. 3)
This Is My Life (ver. 4)