Anjulie - Day Will Come Soon Guitar Chords


canadian pop

Chords: A, D, E, Bm, F#m
"Day Will Come Soon" - Anjulie
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

(The chord placement is kinda tricky for the verses in this song, as the each line is 
but I have done my best to place the chords above the corresponding lyric)

A       D  E       A
lalalalala lalalalala
Bm      D          F#m      E
lalalalala lalalalala lalalala

Verse 1:
                              A                                      D
Well I don't know just how to tell you this in a telephone call from so far that I'm 
coming back
Bm                                                E
   That you don't understand, one day you’ll understand why I'm never coming back
A                                        D
  So mother mother please believe like I believed in you for everything
Bm                                         E
  I tried and tried again but I never could concede to what you wanted so so badly
        Bm                                D                   E
Now I'm drowning in my dreams and I don't know just where I'm going but they

A                  D
They don't know me yet (the day will soon come)
E                  A
They don't know my best (the day will soon come)
Bm                  D                      F#m
Sure as the sun has set, the day will soon come
Yeah, the day the day the day will soon come

Verse 2:
           A                                D
And what I really want I really really want, is what I haven't got yet, that’s what I 
         Bm                                       E
Am I the only one, don't everybody want to try to get get get what they’ve been dreaming of
A                                 D
  Some people say I don't know my way, I can't find my place and my dreams
    Bm                                             E
Are much too big for the head they’re in when you gonna give it all up
        Bm                                  D                      E
Say I'm stranded in my own world, I’m going nowhere, I thought you knew me better

(repeat Chorus)

           A                                          D
My baby is crying, said he can't compete with all the fire in my belly
                Bm                                  E
And the fire is rousing to the words I speak barely express the thing I mean so deep
      A                                                          D
Boy I hear what you’ve been playing at your radio, but I’ve been bumping something 
through my head phones
        Bm                        D                             E
You can say I'm dumb say what I'm doing is wrong, say it at the top of your lungs, baby, 
you underestimate me

(Repeat Chorus)

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