Anita Meyer - They Dont Play Our Lovesong Anymore Guitar Chords

Anita Meyer

dutch pop, dutch rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Em, Bm, C, D, F, G, F#m, B, A, F#, Am, E, C#m, G#m, C#
Em Bm C D

Em                            Bm
Once we used to sing along in perfect harmony
          C             F        D  G    Bm
To a song that used to sell well in our days
Em                                    Bm
Every-one who heard that song would sing that melody
          C             F     F#m         B
Yes it's funny how the time has slipped away
Em                              G     A           F#m   F#
I haven't heard it for a while, correct me if I'm wrong
Bm                   C                     D
But it's been ages since I've heard that song

G                    Bm          C  D
They don't play our lovesong anymore
G              Bm                  Am              B
No-one in the world will sing the parts to that score
         Em           B               C       Em
And it's bringing me down 'cause the love we once
A     G     D        C                        Em
Found is gone. They play a diff'rent lovesong now

Em Bm C D

Em                     G                           Bm
And as we talked it over we kept thinking of that song
        C               F          D  G      Bm
And the way we used to dance when it would play, Yeah
Em                                Bm
We'd been growing older, staying home nights for too long
       C               F         F#m            B
So we tried the places where the bands still played
Em                         G     A             F#m   F#
I walked up to the man who sang the song I loved so well
    Bm                   C                     D
And he laughed and told me, man it wouldn't sell
I'm sorry to tell you but...

G                       Bm       C  D
We don't play that lovesong anymore
G                 Bm                  Am             B
And no one in the band will play the parts to that score
        Em            B
'cause the beat goes out of time
       C    Em                    A        G   E
And the words they don't seem to rhyme anymore
A                     C#m         D E C#m G#m C#
They don't play our lovesong anymore
           F#m                            A  
Though it worked for a while, seems that song is out of style
               F         F#m   A  B
Like our love, just like our love
        A                   Em   E
'cause they don't play our lovesong... 
A   D A

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