Animal Farm - Breakdown Guitar Chords

Chords: G, G/F#, Em, D7, C, D, CM7, CM9, Am, Asus4
[Verse 1]
G               G/F#
Are we lying in our beds or 
G            G/F#        G/F#
are we lying on a clinic table? 
Em                D7
strange, 'cause I felt physically free 

G G/F# G G/F#

[Verse 2]
G               G/F#
Open your eyes 
G                   G/F#     G/F#
break the TV screen paralyze your
      Em  D7
right arm it's time to reverse 
G               G/F#
There is no way out of here 
G                  G/F#
they will not keep fighting 
G              G/F#
no one is free nowadays 
G                  G/F#
the worst enemy is your friend 
C                D
radioactive wind in the air... 
          G      CM7              D                      D
fuck all, I hope it'll be a great explosion and there'll be a good breakdown 

C            C        CM7 CM9
Where, where shall we go now? 
Am                        G
will we talk in a hundred years? 
C           C     CM7 CM9
if you keep being hypnotized 
Am                             G
I'd rather loose myself in the space

Am Asus4 (x4)
G (x8)

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