Animal Collective - Winters Love Guitar Chords

Animal Collective

alternative dance, alternative rock, art pop, chamber pop

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: C, Em, G, Am, F, E, B7, Gm, B, C#m, A
I noticed that there was correct tabs for the second half of
this song, but not for the first, so I tabbed the first part
and copied the second here. Note that the first part is much 
easier to play with a capo at the third fret, but for the 
second half take it off.
"Winter's Love"

(Capo 3rd)

C   Em   G   Am   F   G   C

[Part 2]
(No Capo)
D   (repeated until..)
E   B7   E   B7   E   B7   E   B7

E   Gm    B    C#m    A     B7     E     E

  E         Gm       B      C#m
I love this light in winter time,
    A           B7     E
The frost cakes in the carpet
   E      Gm         B        C#m
in winter time we'll have our ways
    A          B7     E
tombstones the mean belong in
   E         Gm         B       C#m
No falls snowfalls that ruin my day
     A         B7       E
It’s masked up from the street wire
    E        Gm         B         C#m
and winter’s glow where could she be
      A         B7      E
She’s warm underneath my pocket
E      Gm       B      C#m
Just a calm and modern day
   A      B7    E
In early, early morning
E       Gm       B       C#m
Rush to her, and rush to him,
   A   B7     E
Am I a better person?
E    Gm     B     C#m
even in the whole take on
    A       B7     E
the loss is better said
  E          Gm      B   C#m
I pulled the boy out of above
    A         B7    E   B7   E   B7
She made that boy a man

E   B7  E   B7  E   B7  E   B7  

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