Anika Moa - Harry And Leenas Song Guitar Chords

Anika Moa

kiwi rock

Chords: Bm, A, D, F#m, G, Em
HEY! Ive another one!
This one should be picked the whole way through with the bass chord
every 4th beat Its really good.

Bm                  A
Harry was 4 when he missed...
          Bm               D
they tied Apples and pears to his satchel
Bm                              A
  His mother was clean but his dad was side ways
Bm          A
F#m           G (3rd fret)    A      
They have seen better days but sometimes they slowly die
       F#m             G (3rd fret) A                Em
And ya celebrate their lives by Walking on their graves
(Play chorus again, Pluck strings 5,3,2,1 at the same time on Em)

Verse 2 same as v1

Bm              A
We have to try...

Chorus (STRUM this)
F#m                G               A          
  They have seen better days white collars they...
F#m               G                A            Em


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