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Angus Maude


Angus Maude is a prolific singer, songwriter & producer, as well as the founder and CEO of Vancouver’s Nyhla Records; and he has made a name for himself in very little time. With 3 studio albums & an EP under his belt in just 2 years, he has struck a chord with every project, producing hits like 2016’s “Tattoos" & 2017’s “I'm Happy You Exist”. Angus prides himself on a DIY & indie attitude - he records in his bedroom, designs his own album art (besides Dead Dilly’s cover for Apricity), mixes & masters a majority of his own music, self-releases through his own label, and reaches hundreds of thousands of people. You can always expect something forthcoming from his corner, now being no exception. Maude is always on the move.

Genres: indie anthem-folk

Guitar Chords:

No Good