Angelfish - Sleep With Me Guitar Chords

Chords: Em, D, C#, A, D5, A5
Hi guys, I'm trying to play this by ear, I think it sounds pretty good. If you have any question write me:


Vocals: Shirley Manson
Produced: Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth
Executive producer: Gary Kurfirst


Em - D - C# - A 
C# - D  - C# - D 

When you walked in the room
And you smiled that smile
I was doomed
It hit me so hard

Em - D5 
Some things are dead and buried 

A5 D5
But you
You stay with me
Just carry on
Sleep with me 


How long
How long
A5            D
Can you carry on

A5      D5
Stay with me
Sleep with me
Dream of me

Sleep with me

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