Angela Soffe - Sand And Rain Guitar Chords

Chords: G, C, D, EM
G                       C
I’ve been down to the mountain 
D                      G
I’ve been up to the sea 
G                         C
Where the sun never leaves me 
D                   G
And I’ve always believed
G                    C
As I stand on the shoreline 
D                                G
And I watch the ships as they come 
G                          C
When will yours reappear to me 
D                          G
And how long will it be?

G                 EM
Sail along with me 
C               D
As I dream of you 
G                           EM
And keep my heart from singing 
C                           D
The songs that only you knew 
C                D                G
How many nights I have waited for you 
C                         D
And told our story to the sky 
G                                   EM
Of guns and wars and always wanting more 
C               D            G
When all I want is you

You’ve got your sand 
And I’ve got my rain 
        C                D
And neither of us is to blame 
G                EM
But if I had to choose 

And do it all again, 
             D                      D
Could I open up my arms and let you go?


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