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Andy Zipf


The Cowards Choir is the moniker for Washington, D.C. singer songwriter Andy Zipf. Joining Zipf in this collaborative project are Maureen Andary, Sara Curtin, Logan Lamons, Alissa Moore, Ryan Walker and Dayana Yochim.

Turning to the people, Zipf has consistently utilized his fan-base to support tours, fund albums and share his story. Zipf rewards that loyalty with an unwavering commitment to creating music rooted in honesty. He gets on the floor at shows and sings from the back row. He turns the room into a cinema, coats every surface with colors and old film. Zipf doesn't believe in playing music, rather immersing the audience in it. He is constantly looking for ways to create an experience that taps into equal parts rock and roll and big tent revival.

After a successful PledgeMusic campaign in 2016, The Cowards Choir released NAME THE FEAR, an album and accompanying visual score by Small Creatures. 2017 brings THE SINGING TREE, the first in a live performance series of new material.

Guitar Chords:

Above A Whisper
Find You