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Andy Mineo is a New York City-based hip hop recording artist known for his progressive sound and reflective lyricism. Raised in Syracuse, Mineo began rapping and producing music in his in home studio while in high school. In 2011 he signed with the independent record label Reach Records.

In 2015 Mineo’s sophomore album, Uncomfortable, became the No. 1 Independent record in the country and delivered a No. 3 and No.10 position on Billboard’s Hip Hop and Top 200 album charts, respectively. He headlined the Uncomfortable Tour, a 52-city tour which sold out legendary venues across America and in Europe. He has appeared on Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning, MTV, and his colossal hit "You Can't Stop Me" won an ESPN Whammy Award for MLB’s Top Walk Up Song.

Andy Mineo carries his music beyond through scripting, producing and directing many of his own music videos. He also created a 3-season webseries on YouTube called “Saturday Morning Car-Tunez” which garnered over 1M views and gave fans a glimpse into his creative process and personal life. Beyond the critical adulation, he is a born communicator with comedic timing who has become a social media juggernaut with an audience of over 1.3M and growing.

Most recently Andy Mineo collaborated with rapper Wordsplayed for the release of their mixtape, Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed present Magic & Bird and on April 27, 2018 Andy release his solo EP, I: The Arrow. This EP, along with more music, will culminate into his next solo album.
Genres: christian hip hop

Guitar Chords:

Amores Cobardes
Aquellas Cartitas
Aquellas Cartitas (ver. 2)
Aquí Sigo Yo
Ayer Iba Tan Guapa
Caído Del Cielo
Carita Morena
Carta Anónima
Celos (ver. 2)
Corre Y Vuela
Dame Tu Corazón
Dame Un Besito
Dame Un Besito (ver. 2)
De Qué Me Vale
De Qué Me Vale (ver. 2)
De Qué Me Vale (ver. 3)
De Verdad Que La Quiero
Dime Que Me Quieres
Dime Que Me Quieres (ver. 2)
Dime Que Me Quieres (ver. 3)
Dime Que Me Quieres (ver. 4)
Dime Si Me Quieres
Dios Bendiga
El Ritmo De Las Olas
El Ritmo De María
Eres Tan Hermosa
Faldas (ver. 2)
Hasta Los Huesos
Hasta Los Huesos (ver. 2)
La Alegría De Mi Alma
La Llama Del Amor
La Llama Del Amor (ver. 2)
La Llama Del Amor (ver. 3)
La Niña De Mis Ojos
Las Manos Del Mundo
Mi Barrio
Mirame A La Cara
Mirame A La Cara (ver. 2)
No Entiendo
No Entiendo (ver. 2)
Pasarán (ver. 2)
Pasarán (ver. 3)
Perros De La Noche
Perros De La Noche (ver. 2)
Pido La Palabra
Pobre Niña Morena
Por Ella
Por Una Tontería
Promesas De Un Cadista
Quiero Que Sepas
Quiero Ser Tu Sueño
Quiero Ser Tu Sueño (ver. 2)
Quiero Ser Tu Sueño (ver. 3)
Ratoncitos Coloraos
Ratoncitos Coloraos (ver. 2)
Sin Tenerte
Sin Tí
Son De Amores
Son De Amores (ver. 2)
Son De Amores (ver. 3)
Son De Amores (ver. 4)
Sueños De Amor
Sueños De Amor (ver. 2)
Tan Orgullosa
Tan Orgullosa (ver. 2)
Tanto La Quería
Tanto La Quería (ver. 2)
Tanto La Quería (ver. 3)
Tanto La Quería (ver. 4)
Tú Qué Quieres Que Yo Le Haga
Tus Miradas
Una Chica Normal
Un Rinconcito Al Sur
Y En Tu Ventana
Y En Tu Ventana (ver. 2)
Y En Tu Ventana (ver. 3)