Andy Kym McLeod - Beyond Where Eagles Dare Guitar Chords

Chords: C, F, G, Em
Capo 2
      C            F               C
As I walk in the open plains and fields
         C             F              C
in the distance mountains tower in the air
         F        C
looking up into heaven 
           C               F
theres an eagle soaring freely
   F                 C             G
free from harm and flying without care
        C     F                 C
now to see beyond where eagles fly
        C               F                   C
its by faith one must enter through those doors
       F          G
naked eye cannot see 
      C           F
we simply must believe 
           C         F           G
it takes faith to explore the evermore


 F     G               C               Em
Rise high above that great bird in the sky
  F         G                   C
now i see beyond where eagles dare
         F              G
its by faith and with prayer 
          F            C
these my key I enter there
        F         C                  G
and explore far beyond where eagles dare
        F           G          C
to my lord on the wings of a prayer 

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