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Andy Kong


Blending modern and classic, San Francisco singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Andy Kong broke through with his emotive Meteor Showers EP in 2015. Released independently, this personal collection of tunes garnered over 8 million streams on Spotify thanks to a vocal fanbase and organic exposure from music blogs. Kong crafts each song from conception to release, ensuring each song represents his vision and is true to his signature artistic voice.

Continuing to refine his blend of folk, pop and electronic influences, Kong released the evocative single, Wildfire in the summer of 2017. Wildfire made waves on the internet and paved the way for the highly anticipated release of Harbor in a Hurricane on the newly formed label, Ephany Music, in the spring of 2018.
Genres: indie anthem-folk, indiecoustica

Guitar Chords:

All We Are
Meteor Showers