Andy Irvine - The Close Shave Guitar Chords

Andy Irvine

british folk, celtic, hurdy-gurdy, irish folk

Chords: D, G, A
The close Shave – Andy Irvine  
The song is by Bob Bickerton. Andy plays it on bouzouki and in F. The chords are an approximation. 
Watch him on youtube and if you know what his 70 year old fingers are up to, you won’t be needing 
this effort. 

D                                  G                    D
Come gather round you diggers who work the goldfields rare,
D                    G                                 A 
It's of a trick was played on me which caused me to despair, 
D                               G                  A 
I came to town the other day me precious gold to trade, 
D                     G                 A             D 
'Twas there I met a pretty maid, who did my heart betray. 

G                      D                          A
Her lips were red as roses, her eyes a deep sky blue, 
D                   G                  A                D
Her hair as yellow as the gold, she stole from me and you.

D                                  G             D
We went into a public house and there we did imbibe, 
D                      G                             A 
In whiskey and strong porter, and dreadful stuff besides, 
D                                  G              A
It's then she asked me up to bed, to which I did agree, 
D                     G               A                D 
But truth to tell I fell asleep, before she earned her fee. 

D                                G               D
When I awoke next morning, no trousers could I find, 
D                    G                                   A 
But scattered all around the room were women's clothes so fine. 
D                                      G                  A
My jacket, shoes and gold had gone, and all that's left behind,
D                     G                 A               D 
Is a woman's dress, a yellow wig and a shaving kit, not mine.

D                               G                D
Why did she need the wig? Why did she need to shave? 
D                       G                                A 
It's then the truth it struck me, in a fit of blinding rage. 
D                               G                  A
My pretty maid's a man I cried, thanks be I fell asleep, 
D                  G                 A                 D 
I'd rather lose a bag of gold, than wake up with that creep. 

D                                  G            D
To venture in the street again, I cautiously inclined, 
D                 G                                     A 
I had a shave, put on the wig, and wore the dress so fine, 
D                                   G               A
And as I walked along the street, a digger gave a wink. 
D                     G                 A             D 
I thought of all the gold he had, and offered him a drink. 

D                                  G                D
Now you may think it sinful, oh you may think it bold, 
D                  G                                   A 
To take advantage of the lads who struggle for the gold. 
D                               G                  A
It's easy putting on a dress and drinking whiskey neat, 
D                     G                 A             D 
But leave your shaving kit behind when they are fast asleep.

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