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Andy Kapetanakis and Avery Stoker met in 2014 while rehearsing for a local theatre production. They became fast friends, with a shared interest in music and performance at the forefront. They were writing songs together long before forming a band was even an idea in their heads; Stoker says, “[Androcles] was a long time coming, almost inevitable. Leave two musicians alone for five seconds and you can be sure they’ve done something insane.” Their freshman album contains songs written as early as four years before its release, entirely out of a band context. “Avery would come to me with an idea, and I would basically say, ‘Okay, this is how we could make this work,’” says Kapetanakis of the band’s origins. “And eventually, that got me thinking, ‘Wait a second, how haven’t we already been doing this together?’” They debuted their first official song, “Change Your Mind,” at an open mic in the summer of 2017, a mere 16 hours after writing it. Since then, Androcles, with their multitude of styles, nearly poetic lyrics, and earworm melodies backed by unique and unorthodox harmonies, has been a tour de force.

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Andy Kapetanakis
Denver Pike

Guitar Chords:

As The Crow Flies
Change Your Mind
Miss 45
New Years Eve