Andrew Stockdale Guitar Chords

Andrew Stockdale


The lead singer of the Australian hard rock band Wolfmother, Andrew Stockdale is unique and diverse multi instrumentalist, mainly known for his extensive dynamic vocal and plethora of iconic riffs. After reinvigorating Rock n
Roll and psychedelic jams in the mid 00’s and slamming them to the top of the charts world wide, Stockdale lead the crusade of left field stoner, rock and pre-metal blues to become more acceptable to a mainstream audience. Doors were smashed down, thousands of bands were given record deals, with every young aspiring guitar virtuoso hoping to replicate the success of Wolfmother. Stockdale has been a beacon of hope to many, to show that it can be done. Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1976, Stockdale formed Wolfmother in 2004 in Sydney. Does it matter who’s been in Wolfmother not really? Stockdale has used neighbours, dish pigs at cafes, your local RSL covers band and the odd barrister, inducted them in the band and shared the sparkle dust of Wolfmother and made stars of all of them by making internationally acclaimed masterpieces such as Cosmic Egg, New Crown and Victorious. Just to switch it up and keep it interesting Stockdale put out a solo record in 2010 “Keep Moving”. Stockdales’s skills were fused with riff icon Slash in 09 on “By The Sword” which Slash decided to have as the first single to his record, which featured the likes of Lemmy, Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell and Ozzy Osbourne. So that’s how you rock the world a 1000 times over, your welcome.

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Black Swan