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Philippine rapper/comedian Andrew E. was a DJ in a disco when, in the late '80s, he heard hip-hop for the first time. While he didn't quite know what it was, the fast-talking fellow was sure he could make a few dollars doing it. Source material for the erstwhile DJ was simple -- Andrew simply looked at the nightlife and youth culture that surrounded him. In 1990, he struck gold with the single Humanap Ka Ng Panget, and never looked back. His next single, Andrew Ford Medina, was a harmless ditty about Andrew's adventures with two randy sisters; the song was as controversial as it was successful, and it established Andrew as the Tone-Loc of the Philippine rap game. Originated by Francis Magalona, whose music was more patriotic than erotic, Andrew's blue rhymes and boisterous personality were a bit of a shock for the nation's older generation. But that didn't stop Andrew from releasing numerous albums featuring songs like "Mahirap Maging Pogi," which explained how difficult life was for Andrew -- his good looks made all the girls crazy. After five albums, a greatest-hits package from Viva Records, and over 25 films (mostly slapstick comedies), it was time for a break. Andrew took a break for most of the mid-'90s, but returned in 1999 with Wholesome, an album with lyrics that definitely weren't. Much More Wholesome followed in 2000, and another greatest-hits collection appeared in 2002. The comeback re-solidified his stature as a giant in the scene; Andrew E. found another career as a mentor for young Philippine rappers like Carlos Agassi. ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi
Genres: classic opm, opm, pinoy alternative, pinoy hip hop

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Banyo Queen
Forever Tuesday Morning