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Andrew Austin


Singer/songwriter Andrew Austin is on the verge of releasing his new album "Starts & Fits".
It is easy to marvel at how he has never stopped developing his sound. "Starts & Fits" showcases
Andrew's songwriting in an exciting, anthemic,synth pop way, and is a considerable contrast to his
previous Indie darling release “While it’s Still Light Out” that was produced by Dave Newfeld (Broken
Social Scene, Weaves)
"Starts and Fits" producer James Bunton (Donovan Woods, Joey Landreth)had just returned from the National Music Centre in Banff (and home to one of the World's
biggest synthesizer collections) with a head full of new sounds and ideas and approached Andrew's new
songs with that in mind. Andrew’s songwriting had been gaining public attention through
commercial placements such as Tim Hortons, Ritz Crackers, and McDonalds, and co writing
with Donovan Woods, Port Cities, Josh Kelly, Bastian Baker and Wild plus placements in TV shows and movies but it was his
determination to create a dramatic new sound that guided him and James to the sonic landscape of "Start
& Fits". Through it all, Andrew's once in a generation voice has the rare ability to make new songs
feel familiar, and gives "Start & Fits" an instant classic feel. Given the Billboard top 20 placement
of Andrew's “Everything and More” this Fall it would appear Andrew’s
talent is going to find many, many more fans.

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Inside Out