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Andrés Calamaro


Andres Calamaro is one of the most popular Argentinian pop/rock songwriters, and considers himself a song craftsman. Born in 1961, he began his professional musical career at the age of 17 playing keyboards in Raíces. In 1981 he joined one of the main bands of the '80s Argentinian rock scene, los Abuelos de la Nada. Although the band was led by the brilliant Miguel Abuelo, Calamaro composed most of the group's hits, including "Mil Horas," "Así Es el Calor," "Sin Gamulán," and "Costumbres Argentinas." In 1984, he made his solo debut with Hotel Calamaro. The album was a bizarre mix of styles and musicians, and it didn't gain much public or press support. In 1985, Calamaro left los Abuelos de la Nada and recorded his second album, Vida Cruel. Despite the presence of important musicians and guests such as Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly García, the album was a disappointment both commercially and artistically. Although Calamaro appeared to be out of luck as a songwriter, he had an intense and successful run as a producer for bands like los Enanitos Verdes, los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and Don Cornelio y la Zona. He also worked and collaborated with many artists of different styles and genres, a constant goal throughout his whole career. Calamaro's third album, Por Mirarte, found him in better form fronting an established band. Released in 1988, it contains some outstanding songs such as "Con los Dientes Apretados" and "Me Olvidé de los Demás," while other songs like "Cartas Sin Marcar" and "Loco por Tí" helped the album gain popularity. When Calamaro released Nadie Sale Vivo de Aquí in 1989, Argentina was struggling in the midst of a difficult economic crisis; consequently, few albums were released, and the production of Nadie Sale suffered. Calamaro left Argentina and settled in Spain, following a road taken by many Argentinian rockers. There he met Ariel Rot and Julian Infante, former members of Tequila. They formed los Rodríguez in 1991, a pop/rock band that was very popular in Spain and Latin America. Calamaro's songs became popular in the early '80s, and the hitmaker was back on the road again. Curiously, working from Spain, he was conquering Argentina. While performing with los Rodríguez, he didn't release any new solo material, just Grabaciones Encontradas, Vols. 1 & 2, a couple of CDs that contained unreleased and rare material from the '80s. After los Rodríguez split, Calamaro returned to his solo career, recording Alta Suciedad in 1997, an album produced by Joe Blaney. Alta Suciedad brought him the commercial success that had previously eluded his solo endeavors, and it sold 300,000 copies in Argentina alone, certainly a huge number considering that country's small market. No doubt, Alta Suciedad put him in the big leagues, alongside other Latin legends on the national rock scene. Before that album, Calamaro was considered an important character, appreciated by the other musicians, but not by the popular culture at large. After breaking up with his Spanish girlfriend, he released the double-CD Honestidad Brutal in 1999. Recorded when he was 37, it contained 37 songs of despair, love lost, drugs, and regret. It was not as successful as the previous album, but showed a new Calamaro: desperate, decadent, and often elegant at the same time, with a new and raw lyrical approach. El Salmon followed in spring 2001: A mammoth five-disc set of 103 songs (reportedly culled from over 400 written during the previous year); 80-percent were previously unreleased original compositions, with the remaining 20-percent being covers from the most disparate sources -- from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to tango and other Argentine folk music, along with new versions of a few of his own songs. At the time, the set was largely deemed a chaotic shambles; evidence of the ramblings of a drugged mind, and of a writing/recording obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was considered commercial suicide. Throughout 2001 and 2002, Calamaro released a number of free downloads, as well as giving fans permission to remaster his works. He returned to the studio for El Cantante in 2004 and released a live album, El Regreso, the following year. His next studio album was La Lengua Popular, released in 2007, which was immersed in cumbia. The following year, Calamaro released the live album 2 Son Multitud, which was recorded in Getafe, Spain with Fito & Fitipaldis. Nada Se Pierde followed in 2009 before the singer released On the Rock, his 20th studio album, in 2010. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of El Salmon, the songwriter issued Salmonalipsis Now, which stripped the box set's bedlam down to two discs and 54 songs, with 49 present in original versions, and five new tracks culled from the same marathon sessions. Perversely, and thus in keeping with the chaotic spirit of the project, tracks are sequenced in a completely and seemingly random new order, thus disrupting the original flow. Critics deemed it an excellent compendium of one of the most bizarre and fascinating releases in Rock en Español history. Following its release, Calamaro released some 2,000 songs to Soundcloud. In 2013, the songwriter surprised audiences with Bohemio, showcasing a brand new band in a collection of ten new songs produced by CachorroLopez (who helmed the sessions for La Lengua Popular. Regarded by critics and audiences alike as his best recording since his last collaboration with the producer, it sold exceptionally well, riding the Top Ten of the Spanish charts for weeks. The followingyear, Calamaro issued a pair of live albums -- Jamon del Medio and Purasangre -- and undertook a tour opening for longtime friend, Spanish rocker Enrique Bunbury. The encores of all those shows featured the two men performing together backed by Bunbury's band. The ten songs they performed were issued as Hijos del Pueblo in 2015.

The following year saw the release of Romaphonic Sessions, on which he was accompanied only by pianist German Wiedemer. In truth, the album was merely a demo that Calamaro presented to film director Fernando Trueba to convince him to produce an album. Comprised of tangos, a cover of Litto Nebbia's "New Zamba para Mi Tierra" and stripped-down rearrangements of his own songs, the director turned him down, assuring the songwriter it was already complete.

Calamaro followed it the same year by releasing Volumen 11 -- to signify maximum volume -- that collected a wide variety of 18 songs from between 2012 and 2016. It served as an entry in Grabaciones Encontradas (Found Recordings) series. For Record Store Day 2017, he issued the four-song vinyl EP Licencia Para Cantar, recorded with Wiedemer, Tono Miguel, and Martin Bruhn. In 2018, he collaborated with Lila Downs on a reading of "En El Ultimo Trago" for the tribute album Mundo Raro: Las Canciones de José Alfredo Jiménez, to commemorate the great ranchera songwriter's 70th birthday -- he'd passed on a year earlier. The track was one of its pre-release singles along with "Te Solte La Riendar" by Julietta Venegas. Produced by Camilo Lara and recorded in Mexico City, Monterrey, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Madrid, and Texas, it featured 13 tracks from a wide variety of artists including Bunbury, Carla Morrison, Beto Cuevas, and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos. ~ Iván Adaime, Rovi
Genres: argentine rock, cantautor, latin alternative, latin rock, rock en espanol, rock nacional

Guitar Chords:

100% De Nada
10 Años Después
4 Jinetes
5 Minutos Mas
5 Minutos Más (Minibar)
5 Minutos Más (Minibar) (ver. 2)
7 Segundos
7 Segundos (ver. 2)
Acto Simple
Adentro Mío
Adiós Amigos Adiós
Aguas Peligrosas
Aguas Peligrosas (ver. 2)
Alfonsina Y El Mar
Alfonsina Y El Mar (ver. 2)
Algn Lugar Encontrar
Algo Contigo
Algun Lugar Encontaré
Algun Lugar Encontaré (ver. 2)
Algunos Hombres Buenos
All Tou Need Is Pop
All You Need Is Pop
A Los Ojos
A Los Ojos (ver. 2)
A Los Ojos (ver. 3)
Amapola Negra
Amor Iraní
Ansia En Plaza Francia
Aquellos Besos
Aquí No Podemos Hacerlo
Asi Es El Calor
Ay De Mí
Ay Que Gustito Pa Mis Orejas
Bailar Sola
Beber Hasta Recordarte
Bohemio (ver. 2)
Brian Bachicha
Brindo Por Las Mujeres
Buena Suerte
Buena Suerte Y Hasta Luego
Buena Suerte Y Hasta Luego (ver. 2)
Buena Suerte Y Hasta Luego (ver. 3)
Caballos Salvajes
Cada Una De Tus Cosas
Cafetin De Buenos Aires
Carnaval De Brasil
Carnaval De Brasil (ver. 2)
Cartas Sin Marcar
Cartas Sin Marcar (ver. 2)
Caseros Ok
Caseros Ok (ver. 2)
Catalina Bahía
Catalina Bahía (ver. 2)
Cenizas En El Aire
Clonazepán Y Circo
Clonazepán Y Circo (ver. 2)
Comedor Piquetero
Comida China
Como Dos Extraños
Con Abuelo
Con Ina
Contá Con Mi Corazón
Contigo (ver. 2)
Contigo Aprendí
Corazón En Venta
Corazón En Venta (ver. 2)
Corta Pero Ancha
Cosas Que Me Ayudan A Olvidar
Costumbres Argentinas
Costumbres Argentinas (ver. 2)
Crimenes Perfectos
Crimenes Perfectos (ver. 2)
Crucificame (ver. 2)
Cuando No Estás
Cuando No Estás (ver. 2)
Cuando No Estás (ver. 3)
Cuando No Estás (ver. 4)
Cuando No Estás (ver. 5)
Cuando Te Conoci
Cuando Una Voz Sea De Todos
Culo Sin Asiento
Dejar De Vivir
De La Lluvia
De Las Dos Orillas
Dentro De Una Canción
De Orgullo Y De Miedo
Diez Aos Despues
Doce Pasos
Donde Manda Marinero
Dos Romeos
Duermen Los Niños
Dulce Condena
Durazno Sangrando
Eclipsado (ver. 2)
El Asado
El Azteca
El Cantante
El Cantaor
El Chino
El Dia De La Mujer Mundial
El Día Mundial De La Mujer
El Día Que Me Quieras
El Huracán
El Huracán (ver. 2)
El Loro
El Mambo
El Muro De Berlín
El Novio Del Olvido
El Otro Lado Del Viento
El Palacio De Las Flores
El Pasodoble De Los Amigos Ausentes
El Perro
El Punto Argentino
El Punto Argentino (ver. 2)
El Salman
El Salmon
El Tercio De Los Sueños
El Tilín Del Corazón
El Tren Que Pasa
El Viejo
Elvis Está Vivo
Elvis Está Vivo (ver. 2)
En El Último Trago
En El Último Trago (ver. 2)
Engánchate Conmigo
Especies Que Desaparecen
Espérame En El Cielo
Estadio Azteca
Estadio Azteca (ver. 2)
Estadio Azteca (ver. 3)
Estadio Azteca (ver. 4)
Este Es El Final De Mi Carrera
Esto Es Candombe
Extraño Ser
Fabio Zerpa Tiene Razón
Flaca (ver. 2)
Flaca (ver. 3)
Flor De Samurai
Hacer El Tonto
Hacer El Tonto (ver. 2)
Hop De Realidad
Horarios Esclavos
Inexplicable (ver. 2)
Inexplicable (ver. 3)
Insoportablemente Cruel
Jugando Al Límite
Jugar Con Fuego
La Apuesta
La Carretera
La Copa Rota
La Diabla
La Distancia
La Espuma De Las Orillas
La Estación De Los Vampiros
La Libertad
La Libertad (ver. 2)
La Libertad (ver. 3)
Lámeme El Orto
Lamiendo Un Hueso
La Mirada Del Adiós
La Mitad Del Amor
La Parte De Adelante
Las Dos Cosas
Las Heridas
Las Oportunidades
Las Oportunidades (ver. 2)
La Verdadera Libertad
La Verdadera Libertad (ver. 2)
Levantando Temperatura
Libros Sapiensales
Loco (ver. 2)
Loco (ver. 3)
Lo Que No Existe Más
Lo Que Nunca Se Olvida
Los Aviones
Los Aviones (ver. 2)
Los Aviones (ver. 3)
Los Chicos
Los Chicos (ver. 2)
Los Dientes Apretados
Los Divinos
Los Divinos (ver. 2)
Los Divinos (ver. 3)
Los Divinos (ver. 4)
Los Mareados
Mal En Mí
Mancada En La Pampa
Maradona (ver. 2)
Maradona (ver. 3)
Más Duele
Me Arde
Me Arde (ver. 2)
Me Cago En Todo
Media Veronica
Me Envenenaste
Me Estas Atrapando Otra Vez
Me Ests Atrapando Otra Vez
Me Fui Volando
Melodía De Arrabal
Me Olvide De Los Demas
Me Pierdo
Mi Bandera
Mi Cobain (Superjoint)
Mi Cobain (Superjoint) (ver. 2)
Mi Cobain (Superjoint) (ver. 3)
Mi Enfermedad
Mi Enfermedad (ver. 2)
Mi Gin Tonic
Mil Horas
Milonga Del Trovador
Mi Propia Trampa
Mi Quebranto
Miro Por La Ventana
Moby Dick
Nacimos Para Correr
Nadie Sale Vivo De Aquí
Naranjo En Flor
Necesito Un Gol
Negrita (ver. 2)
Nena (ver. 2)
Nena (ver. 3)
Ni Hablar
No Me Empujes
No Me Manden Al Africa
No Me Nombres
No Me Pidas Que No Sea Un Inconciente
No Me Pidas Que No Sea Un Inconciente (ver. 2)
No Me Pidas Que No Sea Un Inconciente (ver. 3)
No Me Vuelvas La Espalda Por Eso
No Se Olvidar
No Se Olvidar (ver. 2)
No Se Puede Vivir Del Amor
No Se Puede Vivir Del Amor (ver. 2)
No Se Puede Vivir Del Amor (ver. 3)
No Se Puede Vivir Del Amor (ver. 4)
No Son Horas
No Son Horas (ver. 2)
Nostalgias (ver. 2)
Nostalgias (ver. 3)
Nos Volveremos A Ver
Nos Volveremos A Ver (ver. 2)
Nos Volveremos A Ver (ver. 3)
No Tan Buenos Aires
No Te Bancaste
No Tengo Tiempo
No Tiene Perdón
No Va Más
N.q.t.q.e. Llega
Nuestra Piel
Nunca Es Igual
Ojos Dos Ojos
Ojos Dos Ojos (ver. 2)
Ok Perdon
Ok Perdon (ver. 2)
Otro Amor En Avellaneda
Pálido Reflejo
Paloma (ver. 2)
Para Los Demás
Para Qué?
Para Seguir
Para Siempre
Pasemos A Otro Tema
Pasemos A Otro Tema (ver. 2)
Pasodoble Noble
Patas De Rana
Pato Trabaja En Una Carnicería
Pequeño Salto Mortal
Perdería El Corazón
Perdería El Corazón (ver. 2)
Perdiendo El Tiempo
Perdiendo El Tiempo (ver. 2)
Plástico Fino
Plástico Fino (ver. 2)
Por Mirarte
Por Mirarte (ver. 2)
Porque Si
Porque Soy Así
Prefiero Dormir
Presos De Nuestra Libertad
Que Ritmo Triste
Quien Asó La Manteca?
Quiero (ver. 2)
Quiero (ver. 3)
Radioactividad Radial
Ranchada De Los Paraguayos
Rehenes (ver. 2)
Revolución Turra
Río Manso
Río Manso (ver. 2)
Ritmo De Lunes
Rock De La Mujer Perdida
Rosemary (ver. 2)
Rumba Del Perro
Rumbo Errado
Salud, Dinero Y Amor
Señal Que Te He Perdido
Sexy Y Barrigón
Sexy Y Barrigón (ver. 2)
Sin Despedirme
Sin Documentos
Sin Saber Que Decir
Sobran Habitaciones
Socio De La Soledad
Somos Feos
Son Las Nueve
Soy Tuyo
Sus Ojos Se Cerraron
Sus Ojos Se Cerraron (ver. 2)
Tantas Veces
Te Extraño
Te Quiero Igual
Te Solté La Rienda
The Long And Winding Road
Tinta Roja
Todas Son Iguales
Todavía Una Cación De Amor
Todavia Una Cancion De Amor
Todo Lo Demás
Todo Lo Demás (ver. 2)
Todos Se Van
Todos Se Van (ver. 2)
Tres Marías
Tres Marías (ver. 2)
Tu Parte De Adelante
Tu Pavada
Tuyo Siempre
Una Bomba
Una Deuda Del Corazón
Una Forma De Vida
Un Alazán
Una Noche Sin Ti
Un Poco De Diente Por Diente
Vasos Vacios
Vendra La Muerte Y Tendra Tus Ojos
Vendra La Muerte Y Tendra Tus Ojos (ver. 2)
Victoria Y Soledad
Vigilante Medio Argentino
Volver (ver. 2)
Volver A Los 17
Voy A Dormir
Voy A Dormir (ver. 2)
Voy A Perder La Cabeza Por Tu Amor
Wish You Were Here