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Swedish singer/songwriter Andreas Johnson was born in Bjarred, Sweden, on March 22, 1970. Andreas was surrounded by high-quality music from a young age. Both his parents were professional jazz musicians, and Andreas became familiar with late-night gigs and the constant travel associated with performances, joining his parents on the road regularly. Apprenticed in musicianship by his parents and older brother, Andreas became a skilled guitarist and pianist, dedicating long hours to study and practice. His first band, Planet Waves, became a local success, playing a few important stages and recording an album entitled Brutal Awakenings before breaking up. Andreas took two years after Planet Waves' disintegration before releasing his solo debut, Cottonfish Tales. Though critically acclaimed, the record was less than a success commercially, making Johnson's sophomore effort a high-risk proposition. The first single released through his new contract with Warner Music Sweden, entitled "Glorious," wasted no time on its way to the top of the charts, making Johnson an overnight celebrity throughout Sweden and the U.K. Liebling sold an impressive 500,000 units and was followed by extensive touring, during which Johnson began work on his third solo record. Deadly Happy failed to live up to the sky-high standards set by its predecessor, leaving Johnson dejected and frustrated. Taking a long break from public commitments to return to a more natural and organic writing process for 2005's Mr. Johnson Your Room Is on Fire paid off, generating successful singles like "Show Me XXXX" and "Sunshine of Mine." Back on the road to pop stardom, Johnson released his fourth record with Warner in 2007, entitled The Collector. His most successful record to date, The Collector charted on Billboard's European Top 100. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi
Genres: europop, swedish pop

Guitar Chords:

Glorious (ver. 2)
Glorious (ver. 3)
Glorious (ver. 4)
Living To Die
One Love
Sing For Me
Sing To Me