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André Sardet


Portuguese singer/songwriter André Sardet was born in Coimbra on January 8, 1976. He was attracted to songwriting from a young age, picking up guitar and singing with natural ease. Playing in groups throughout his adolescence satisfied his need for musical expression for only a short time. As soon as he had enough original material of his own, Sardet set out to record a solo album. His debut project, Imagens, was released in 1996, featuring the single "O Azul do Ceu," a significant radio hit nationwide. His follow-up release hit shelves two years later. Agitar Antes de Usar, ushered in by the album single "Perto, Mais Perto," was followed by a long period of inactivity. Sardet took the next few years to travel and study, taking great care in composing his next work. Sardet's self-titled autobiographical album was released in 2002 and featured collaborations with such Portuguese luminaries as Rui Veloso, Luis Represas, and Mafalda Veiga. In 2006 Sardet celebrated ten years in the industry with his first all-acoustic record, Acústico. The album, recorded live at Coimbra's Teatro Academico de Gil Vicente, went on to sell over 120,000 copies, illustrating Sardet's significant national popularity. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi
Genres: classic portuguese pop

Guitar Chords:

Adivinha Quanto Gosto De Ti
Cancao Do Assobio
Foi Feitico