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Andie Case


Singer and songwriter Andie Case is a loud & unforgiving talent whose music showcases the heart and life of a not so ordinary girl. At the age of 18, Andie moved to LA to pursue a career in the music industry. Today, Andie has grown her audience to over 1.2M across YouTube and 1.2M+ Facebook, with over 160M views.

Andie aims to connect with her audience through songs with catchy hooks and content that delivers a message of empowerment, love, loss and everything that comes with finding one's self.

Most recently, Andie released a fun loving pop song "Bubblegum and Cigarettes," which was supported by and Flaunt Magazine. Up next, Andie will be releasing "Mysterious" on November 30, which is the first time the singer steps out to write a song about a female love interest after coming out as bi-sexual earlier in the year.

Last year, Sabrina Carpenter presented Andie Case and Mike Tompkins MTV's Cover of the Year award for their cover of Zedd's hit song "Stay." Additionally, Andie won the online talent competition Megastar, where she
competed against thousands of talented artists and took home a grand prize of $1M presented by Usher. Andie has worked with brands like Digiorno, World Market, and AT&T.
Genres: channel pop, viral pop

Guitar Chords:

Ill Have You
Me And My Broken Heart Lonely No More
Me And My Broken Heart Lonely No More (ver. 2)
See You Again The Scientist Stay With Me
The Bed Ive Made
Want To Want Me I Want You To Want Me Mashup
Want To Want Me I Want You To Want Me Mashup Ver 2