And And And - I Want More Alcohol It Makes Me Sadder Guitar Chords

And And And

contemporary country, country road

Chords: D, F#7, Em, G, E
And And And - I Want More Alcohol (It Makes Me Sadder)

-----D-----    ---F#7---     ----Em----   -----G-----   -----E-----
e|---2----|   e|---0----|   e|---0----|   e|---2----|   e|---0----|
B|---3----|   B|---2----|   B|---0----|   B|---2----|   B|---0----|
G|---2----|   G|---3----|   G|---0----|   G|---0----|   G|---1----|
D|---0----|   D|---4----|   D|---2----|   D|---0----|   D|---2----|
A|---x----|   A|---1----|   A|---2----|   A|---2----|   A|---2----|
E|---x----|   E|---x----|   E|---0----|   E|---3----|   E|---0----|

D  F#7  Em  G

D  F#7  E  G

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