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Since day one, ANCIENT BARDS have taken a variety of influences from symphonic metal’s rich heritage and forged their own unique blend of magnificent orchestral symphonies, crushing guitar riffs and the breathtaking vocals of their front girl Sara Squadrani.
The music is conceived to enhance the listeners' experience by taking them on a ride into the magical world where the fantasy saga "The Black Crystal Sword" is set.

The first three albums "The Alliance of the Kings" (2010), "Soulless Child" (2011) and "A New Dawn Ending" (2014) cover only the first part of the saga, which features ancient mysteries, entangled schemes and strange revelations that lead to a long and intense battle. The upcoming record “Origine", which will be the first chapter of the Saga's Part 2, gives promise to the fact that... the best has yet to come.
Such an ambitious mission calls for extraordinary musicianship to be rendered on stage with the right balance between technique and passion. ANCIENT BARDS answer that call with Claudio Pietronik's phenomenal guitar virtuosity, Daniele Mazza's bombastic orchestrations, Martino Garattoni's killer bass groove, Federico Gatti's ever-pounding drum engine, Simone Bertozzi’s aggressive riffs and harsh vocals and of course Sara's angelic yet powerful voice.
Genres: gothic symphonic metal, italian metal, neo classical metal, power metal, progressive metal, symphonic metal, symphonic power metal

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All That Is True