Anathema Guitar Chords



The title for Anathema’s eleventh full-length would also serve well in describing the Liverpool sextet’s uncompromising dedication to fearless artistry since forming in 1990. They’ve continually evolved by placing hope in the future – from leaving the underground scene they were fundamental in establishing to continually mesmerising the world with stargazing post-progressive alternative rock that knows no borders.

Led by brothers Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh, along with drummer John Douglas, singer Lee Douglas, bassist Jamie Cavanagh and keyboardist/drummer Daniel Cardoso – this is a band that has forsaken all notion of expectation – highly evocative music simply pours out of them.

Despite early records being hailed as classics, the band left their heavier roots and transcended into a more emotional heaviness that resonated deep within the heart of the listener. Alternative 4 (1998), Judgement (Remastered) (1999), A Fine Day to Exit (Remastered) (2001) and A Natural Disaster (Remastered) (2003) marked an era of bold experimentation for the band – taking the notion of self-exploration to its furthest limits – before 2010’s We're Here Because We're Here truly cemented their stature as world-beating post-progressive kings. After 2012’s award-winning Weather Systems and 2014’s spellbinding Distant Satellites, the ambient rockers are back with their eleventh full-length, The Optimist.
Genres: gothic metal, progressive metal

Guitar Chords:

Anyone Anywhere
Better Off Dead
Distant Satellites
Dont Look Too Far
Dreaming Light
Forgotten Hopes
Fragile Dreams
Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace (ver. 2)
Lost Control
One Last Goodbye
One Last Goodbye (ver. 2)
Parisienne Moonlight
The Lost Song Part 2
The Lost Song Part 2 (ver. 2)
The Lost Song Part 2 (ver. 3)
Untouchable Part 2
Untouchable Part 2 (ver. 2)
Untouchable Part 2 (ver. 3)
Untouchable Part 2 (ver. 4)
Untouchables Part 2