Ananya Birla Guitar Chords

Ananya Birla


Bombay-born pop singer/songwriter Ananya burst onto the music scene in 2016 with her debut single Livin’ The Life. Since then she has worked with iconic producers like Jim Beanz, Mood Melodies, and Afrojack and clocked over 35 million views on YouTube.

Ananya, who is signed with Universal Music, began her journey at open-mic nights in London pubs while studying at university. Her international heritage is reflected in her universally relatable lyrics and addictive, upbeat melodies.

A mental health campaigner, Ananya uses music to bring people from all backgrounds together, from performing at a Global Citizen Concert, to organizing a music festival in India to benefit the mental health organisation she founded.

At every turn, Ananya breaks down barriers and confounds expectations. She became the first Indian artist ever to have English-language platinum selling singles, and then switched-up the usual ‘love and romance’ themes that her pop peers explore by dedicating her latest single, Circles (which was co-released with Island Records UK) to her best friends.

Guitar Chords:

Livin The Life
Meant To Be