Anand Bhatt - On My Mind Ii Guitar Chords

Chords: Cm, G#, Fm, G, Bb, C, D#
On My Mind II
Artist: Anand Bhatt
Genre: New Wave Techno
Transcribed By: Francis Philipp L. Baladjay
Tuning: Standard

          Cm      G#      Fm     G

Cm              G#                     Fm
I saw you that day, knowing we should play
that love connection
Cm                            G#             Fm     G
Feel that sweat it drips from me, you are my fantasy

Cm                   Bb
In the middle of the bedroom floor now
Cm                    Bb
I feel you're getting hot
Cm             Bb
Right here for what's in store now
G#                           Fm
In the middle of your heated touch
Cm            Bb
All over your body baby
Cm              Bb
I'm gettin to you this time
Cm       Bb               G#               Fm    Cm-Bb-Cm-Bb-C-Bb-G#-G
All the freaky things you do, you know are on my mind
Cm                       G#
Baby you've sure got the moves
                Fm         G
It really does improve, on my reflection
Cm                           G#
Hear the sounds that you can make
When you heart's at stake

Cm          Bb        D#            G#
We had the chance, to have romance everyday
Cm          Bb        D#          G#-Cm-Bb-D#-G#
All this could mean for you to stay

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