Anamanaguchi Guitar Chords



For 10 years Anamanaguchi, a four piece band from New York City, has continually crafted a perfect balance of emotionally-driven melodies with glitchy electronic tones and a quaint anti-establishment attitude release after release. In 2016, Anamanaguchi and Hatsune Miku joined forces to release their collaboration single “Miku”. To celebrate the release of the song, Anamanaguchi was asked to be the first artists to support Hatsune Miku on tour! Additionally, Anamanaguchi & Hatsune Miku amazed crowds with a never-before-seen collaboration encore performance throughout the 2016 North American Miku Expo tour. Anamanaguchi is set to release their second album [USA] in late 2017/ early 2018.
Genres: chiptune, deep chiptune, future funk, nintendocore

Guitar Chords:

Another Winter
Power Supply
Prom Night