Analog Rebellion - I Am A Ghost Guitar Chords

Chords: Am, C, B, D, E, F, Dm, Bb

This isn't EXACTLY how he plays it in his videos but I find it's close enough to sound quite nice.

Standard Tuning


Am        C
I am a ghost
     B            D             Am          C            E
And you are the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while
Am          C          B          D
Buttons and sweaters all knotted together
Am        C       E
Free from outside harm

Am         C       E      F   Am        C         E
   I will dream a rotten curse just to please my brain
Am          C             Dm         F        Am    C   B   Bb
   I've got bodies in the back of my American car

Am              C                B      D
Oh, you've been told that you're beautiful
Am          C        E
One million too many times
Am           C                 B         D
It's not the problems, it's the shitty solutions
        Am       C             E
It's the city pollutions, it's time

Am         C         E        F
   You're a few of my favorite things
Am           C      E
   One through fourty-two
Am              C            Dm             F          Am C B Bb
You wanted a solution, the solution's I'm a comin' for you

Am           C
Problems are ghosts
     B          D          Am        C           E
They infiltrate seamlessly my little life that I try to lead
Am          C        B            D
Take it all back and live like an artifact
Am            C                   E
You've got me pacing the room

Am        C        E           F
   Try to think of which one's worse
Am       C         E
   Me or school parades
Am (let it ring)
    I've got bodies in the back of my Cadillac

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