Anaïs Mitchell Guitar Chords

Anaïs Mitchell


“Currently a well-kept secret, Mitchell is writing material that stands comparison with the great singer-songwriters of the past few decades” – Daily Telegraph

Anaïs Mitchell is a Vermont and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who comes from the world of narrative folksong, poetry and balladry. She recorded for Ani Difranco’s Righteous Babe Records for several years before starting her own Wilderland label in 2012. Among her recorded works are Child Ballads, Young Man in America, and Hadestown, the latter of which she expanded - with the help of director Rachel Chavkin - into a theatre show. Hadestown debuted off-Broadway in 2016 at New York Theatre Workshop, winning a Richard Rodgers Production Award, as well as multiple Outstanding Musical nominations. The show subsequently opened in Canada, with further productions to be announced. If there's a common thread in Mitchell's work it's that she's as interested in the world around her as the one inside her. As the New York Times wrote, “Ms Mitchell’s songs address contemporary angst with uncanny vision….a formidable songwriting talent”.
Genres: chamber pop, folk-pop, indie folk, new americana, stomp and holler

Guitar Chords:

A Hymn For The Exiled
Before The Eyes Of Storytelling Girls
Belly And The Beast
Coming Down
Coming Down (ver. 2)
Coming Down (ver. 3)
Cosmic American
Epic Ii - Hadestown Original Cast
Epic Part I
Hades And Persephone
He Did
His Kiss The Riot
Namesake (ver. 2)
Now You Know
Old Fashion Hat
Old Fashion Hat (ver. 2)
O My Star
One Good Thing
Our Lady Of The Underground
Riddles Wisely Expounded
Song Of The Magi
Tam Lin
Tam Lin (ver. 2)
Tam Lin Child 39
Way Down Hadestown
Way Down Hadestown (ver. 2)
Wedding Song
Why We Build The Wall
Willie Of Winsbury
Willie Of Winsbury (ver. 2)
Willie Owinsbury
Young Man In America
Young Man In America (ver. 2)