An Albatross Guitar Chords

An Albatross


Current Lineup (2018):
Edward B. Gieda III - Psychedelevangelist/Vocalist
Jason Hudak - Bass Contortionist
Steven Vaiani - Percussion
Kat Paffett - Synthesizers
Harry Lannon - Guitar
Bubba Ayoub - Video synth & lasers

We are bad motherfuckers inciting a feel good riot. Do what pleases you and let your hair hang down! We are An Albatross, but we are more than that - we are you! We have heeded your call and it is our mission to gather the like-minded, the beautiful and gifted humans together to facilitate a nonstop musical orgasm until we pass through the bejeweled gates of Rock and Roll Valhalla!

Current location: Philadelphia, PA
Booking agent:
Genres: nintendocore, noise rock

Guitar Chords:

Manifesto Of The Divine Children