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Amparo Montes


b. Amparo Meza Cruz, 22 April 1925, Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, d. 13 January 2002, Mexico. This very popular Mexican singer was noted especially for her performance of traditional bolero. Montes first attracted widespread attention through broadcasts she made in 1938 when she was still very young. Later, she became a recording artist and performed extensively at concerts throughout Mexico. She was recognized as an exceptionally gifted interpreter of the compositions of Agustín Lara. In 1993 a 25-minute documentary film, Amparo Montes, directed by Maricarmen de Lara and written by Leopoldo Best and Alfonso Morales, traced aspects of her career.

In 2001, a tribute concert was held at Mexico City’s museum at which Pepe Jara Y José Amado performed. Shortly thereafter, Montes was taken ill with pneumonia and hospitalized.
Genres: bolero

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