American Steel - Mean Streak Guitar Chords

American Steel

melodic hardcore, orgcore, power-pop punk

Chords: G(III), G, C, F, D, Eb(VI), Eb, Bb, A, F(VIII)
Ya best to calm down, I'm not likin' tha sound of you voice
G								        C	F (1st fret)
I might blow up on you, I can say I've been drunk since noon, Kaboom
D                                                   G
The boys won't take me out in public
They wanna drop me like an awkward subject
D(once then palm mute)
Let me be clear, I've a mean streak my dear
          Eb                                       F(8th fret)
Everyone that I meet, i wanna stab in the ear

             Bb	         A              G	F(I)
Except you 'cause your like me
      Eb                       F
we both act miserably
Must make us happy
it  must make us happy          (slide/scrap from F(VIII) to C)

Fuck all these people, I can't stand the looks on their face
Just one more nasty glance, And I might just fuck up the place, A disgrace
Thought I was just a basket case
It's looking more like a kick to the face
Let me be clear I've a mean streak my dear
Everyone that I meet I wanna punch in the ear

Except you 'cause you're like me
We both act miserably
I like you 'cause you're like me
We both act miserably
It must make us happy
Kill 'em all


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