Amen Guitar Chords



With every record, Damon McMahon aka Amen Dunes has transformed, and Freedom is the project’s boldest leap yet. Love took two years to make. Freedom took three. McMahon brought in a powerful set of collaborators and old friends, including Parker Kindred (Antony & The Johnsons, Jeff Buckley) on drums, Chris Coady (Beach House) as producer and Delicate Steve on guitars. This is the first Amen Dunes record that looks back to the electronic influences of McMahon’s youth with the aid of revered underground musician Panoram from Rome. The bulk of the songs were recorded at the famed Electric Lady Studios in NYC (home of Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, D’Angelo), and finished at the similarly legendary Sunset Sound in L.A., where McMahon, Nick Zinner, and session bass player extraordinaire Gus Seyffert (Beck, Bedouine) fleshed out the recordings. On the surface, Freedom is a reflection on growing up, childhood friends who ended up in prison or worse, male identity, McMahon’s father, and his mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of recording. The themes are darker than on previous Amen Dunes albums, but it’s a darkness sublimated through grooves. The music, as a response or even a solution to the darkness, is tough and joyous, rhythmic and danceable; a true NYC street record.

Genres: art pop, chamber psych, dream pop, folk-pop, freak folk, garage psych, indie rock, modern rock, neo-psychedelic, new weird america, noise pop, popgaze, preverb, slow core

Guitar Chords:

Ahora Volaré
Años De Desorden
Caras Maquilladas
Decir Adios
Dime Si Puedes Dormir
Echale La Culpa Al Rock And Roll
El Tunel Del Amor
Fin Del Tiempo
Fin Del Tiempo (ver. 2)
Fumar El Amor
Haz El Amor
La Última Canción
La Última Canción (ver. 2)
Love And Shit
Magia (ver. 2)
Milagros (ver. 2)
Mujer Diablo
No Me Estoy Quemando
Ojos Verdes
Pan Con Mantequilla
Pan Con Mantequilla (ver. 2)
Rosas En El Bar
San Pedro
San Pedro (ver. 2)
Si Solo Estas Ahí
Si Solo Estas Ahí (ver. 2)
Si Solo Estas Ahí (ver. 3)
Si Solo Estas Ahí (ver. 4)
Solo Yo Quiero
Somos La Gente, Somos Uno
Somos La Gente, Somos Uno (ver. 2)
Tal Vez
Tal Vez Buscando
Te Beso
Te Deseo
Una Cancion Por Dios
Una Cancion Por Dios (ver. 2)
Vibraciones Positivas
Violar Las Leyes
Vivir En Paz