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Amara La Negra


Amara is the embodiment of the woman of today who was created with a hint of the past and a twist of tomorrow. With a Spanish and Caribbean background, the songstress describes herself as eccentric, vibrant, and ambitious. Amara La Negra, born Diana Danelys De los Santos, is an international entertainer, singer/songwriter, actress, model, and esteemed philanthropist. She is a woman of dimensions who feeds her soul with the love and passion she inhales from performing across the world. Yet Amara La Negra's career expands beyond this one song.

Amara La Negra's stage name unapologetically celebrates her blackness; a form of defiance in the region of Latin America where some countries view the word "Negra" as pejorative. Society where black women are oversexualized, the public often only recognizes Amara La Negra for her unapologetic sexual prowess. What is missing in this narrative is that Amara La Negra is in fact owning the way in which she is perceived, her message is that of unapologetic strong ambience while also exuding joy in other ways: she encourages supporters to reach their fullest potential via social media messages, she's an entrepreneur and allows the world to witness her own struggles, and she's always ready to speak up and speak out for her own rights and that of Afro-Latinas. She isn't afraid to be break the mold in every possible way.
Genres: rap dominicano, trap queen

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