Alysha Brilla Guitar Chords

Alysha Brilla


Hi! First of all; ✨THANK YOU✨ for listening, following and adding me to your playlists. I'm an independent artist and music producer. Make my own beats. Play diff. instruments. 🎹🎧🎤🎺🎸🥁

I grew up in a mixed household 👨🏾👩🏼 (European-Canadian and Indo-Tanzanian), so there was always a special blend of music and culture. I write about love, philosophy, peace, mental health, equity and spirituality. Some of my influences include Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse and Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Genre-wise I love reggae, Indian music and rhythm. I have YOU to THANK so much for supporting and listening 🙏🏽. Make sure you follow me here on Spotify, on Instagram and Twitter. Add my music to your playlists. Show me love and I’ll keep making music.


Alysha Brilla

P.S. Here are my favourites based on mood:

🌴 Rescue
✌🏽 No More Violence
💔 Blue Moon
🌍 Immigrant
🌛 Dreamer
🙏🏽 Centre (feat. Sridaya Srivatsan)
Genres: canadian blues

Guitar Chords: