Aly & AJ - Someone To Fall Back On Guitar Chords

Aly & AJ

dance pop, girl group, neo mellow, pop

Chords: G, C, Em, D, Am, G/B, D/F#, A/C#
Someone To Fall Back On
Bandslam Soundtrack
2009 Hollywood Records
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G -     320033
C -     x32010
Em -    022000
D -     xx0232
Am -    x02210
G/B -   x2x033
D/F# -  2x023x
A/C# -  x476xx

Intro: G--D-C- x2

Verse 1:
  I'll never be a knight in armor without 
a sword in hand or kamikaze fighters
  Don't count on me to storm the barricades 
and take a stand or hold my ground
Em                      D                 C
  You never see in the scars or wounds to walk 
on coals i won't walk on water

Chorus 1:
G   Am
  I am no prince
G/B  C
   I am no saint
D   Em     D/F#     G       Am
  I am not anyone's wildest dream
    G/B     C      D        Em
But i will stand behind and be 
someone to fall back on

Interlude: G--C--x2

Beat Changes: G--C-- x2

Verse 2:
  Some comedy bruised and beaten down
And i am the one who's looking for a favor
  Still honestly you don't believe me about 
the things i have or the things you need
Em                      D
  You look at me like i don't make sense
       C                      A/C#
Like a waste of time, like it serves no purpose

Chorus 2:
G   Am    G/B
  I am no prince
C       D
I am no saint
    Em        D/F#       G     Am
And if that's what you believe in
       G/B       C          D 
You're wrong you don't need much
    Em       D/F#        G
You need someone to fall back on

G    D/F# Em
Tell me   that i need 
to take your side
If I'm the only one 
I'm used to that
Em           C
  I've been alone I'd 
       A/C#           C
rather be the half of us
         A/C#             D
Least of you, the best of me

Chorus 3:
And i will be
     Am      G/B
I'll be your prince
     C       D
I'll be your saint
  Em      D/F#
I will go crashing 
        G      Am      G/B
through fences in your name
  C      D
I will i swear
     Em     D/F#             G Am
I'll be someone to fall back on

Chorus 4:
     G/B    C       D
I'll be the one who waits
Em     D/F#            G
For as long as you let me
Am     G/B    C       D
I will be the one you need
     Em     D/F#             G Am G/B C D Em D/F#
I'll be someone to fall back on
G Am G/B C D Em     D/F#             G(hold) C G C
                Someone to fall back on
                 G C G(hold)
one to fall back on

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