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Aly & AJ


Musical duo, Aly and AJ, who have sold over 2 million records worldwide, recently returned after a 10 year musical hiatus, with new track, "Take Me", and the accompanying visuals produced by visionary director and screenwriter Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Philip, Queen of Earth), with cinematography from the talented Sean Price Williams (Good Time).

10 years earlier, the girls were in a different place. “Aly and I felt personally discouraged by music in general,” explains AJ on their time away from songwriting. “We still had so much to prove to people, even though we had made a mark in the industry. It honestly was overwhelming,” she adds.

No strangers to success, they first made their mark with their 2005 gold certified debut record, Into The Rush which debuted at number 36 on the Billboard charts. They followed with their sophomore effort, Insomniatic, which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard charts. Amassing a global following and constantly touring internationally, the duo were hit with various frustrations, from projects being put on hold due to their acting careers, to songs leaking on line.

After connecting with music industry veteran, Mike Elizondo (of Dr. Dre and Eminem ilk), the sisters began collaborating with Jamie Sierota (former member of Echosmith) & Ryan Spraker, their senses for music were re-awakened. With the new writing sessions, the sisters had a newfound sense of discovery and - as Aly puts it, “music became our friend again.”<br>
Genres: dance pop, girl group, neo mellow, pop, post-teen pop

Guitar Chords:

Careful With Words
Chemicals React
Chemicals React (ver. 2)
Chemicals React (ver. 3)
Chemicals React (ver. 4)
Closure (ver. 2)
Collapsed (ver. 2)
Division (ver. 2)
Division (ver. 3)
Do You Believe In Magic
First Noel
Flattery (ver. 2)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (ver. 2)
Greatest Time Of Year
Greatest Time Of Year (ver. 2)
Greatest Time Of Year (ver. 3)
Greatest Time Of Year (ver. 4)
I Am One Of Them
If I Could Have You Back
Ill Be Home For Christmas
Im Here
Im Here (ver. 2)
Im One Of Them
Im Walking On Sunshine
In A Second
In A Second (ver. 2)
In A Second (ver. 3)
Insomniatic (ver. 2)
Insomniatic (ver. 3)
Into The Rush
Its Who You Are
I Want You To Want Me
Jingle Bell Rock
Let It Snow
Like It Or Leave It
Like Whoa
Like Whoa (ver. 2)
Like Whoa (ver. 3)
Never Far Behind
Never Far Behind (ver. 2)
No One
No One (ver. 2)
No One (ver. 3)
No One (ver. 4)
No One (ver. 5)
On The Ride
On The Ride (ver. 2)
On The Ride (ver. 3)
On The Ride (ver. 4)
Out Of The Blue
Potential Breakup Song
Potential Breakup Song (ver. 2)
Potential Break Up Song
Potential Break Up Song (ver. 2)
Potential Break Up Song (ver. 3)
Protecting Me
Protecting Me (ver. 2)
Rush (ver. 2)
Rush (ver. 3)
Rush (ver. 4)
Rush (ver. 5)
Rush (ver. 6)
Silence (ver. 2)
Silence (ver. 3)
Slow Down
Slow Down (ver. 2)
Someone To Fall Back On
Something More
Something More (ver. 2)
Speak For Myself
Speak For Myself (ver. 2)
Speak For Myself (ver. 3)
Sticks And Stones
Take Me
Take Me (ver. 2)
The Distance
The Next Worst Thing
Walking On Sunshine
Walking On Sunshine (ver. 2)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Winter Wonderland