Alvin Lee - Carry My Load Guitar Chords

Alvin Lee

blues-rock, british blues, classic rock, electric blues

Chords: G, D, C, A
G                      D
Seems that I've got to carry my load
C                      A
Keep on down that long winding road
G                        D
But I'd like to sit down for a while
C G D G (picking)

G                D
Got a dark cloud following me
C                    A  
Seems that fate just won't let me be
G                      D
Got to keep on pushing down the road
C G D G 

    D                C               G
Ch: Seems to me this road has got no end
D                 C                G
But maybe it gets better round the bend

So I'll keep on moving along
Pass the time by singing my song
Maybe today the sun will shine on me
Seems I've felt this way in the past
Time has shown that nothing can last
So I'll keep on trucking down the road

piano solo

Chorus 2x

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