Altaria - Frozen Hearts Guitar Chords


neo classical metal, power metal

Chords: C#m, B, A, G#
I don't know if it's 100% correct, but it sounds good when I sing on it. 
Listen to the song for the strumming, you'll get the hang of it :D

So here we go: 


C#m|B|B|C#m x2 


C#m         B                      C#m
    Looking up, to the sky, for a sign 
        B                                     C#m
In retrospect, all visions failed, time after time
           B                              C#m
Behind the mask, inside the mind, another martyr crucified.
                 B                             C#m
Walls of endless mystery, in the labyrinth, of real life's fantasies. 

BRIDGE: (You can hear how the chords rise from A to C#m) 
A B| C#m
     Fight fire with fire!
A B|C#m     
     And magic will 
A      B        C#m     
A      B     C#m       A        
  The sacred desire, eternally.

B-B-B-B (Strike the B-chord in the same rhythm as the drums) 

C#m                 A
Frozen hearts, in a house of cards,
  B            G#
A game of pale illusions.
C#m                    B
Lonely souls, left out in the cold,
    B             G#             C#m
Salvation feeding flames of retribution 

Verse2: (The same chords as the first verse, listen to the song :D)

Moving on, towards the end, of the line,
Unholy creatures, kneeling by, the liquid shrine.
White visionaries, die one by one, another lost prodigal son.
Miles of endless misery, on the highway, for tomorrow's broken dream 

SOLO (I haven't figured out the solo-chords) 

This is a great song from Altaria, so enjoy it! :D 
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