Altan - The Sea-Apprentice Boy Guitar Chords


celtic, celtic rock, irish folk, irish neo-traditional

Chords: C, G, F
[Verse 1]
C            G          F          C
When first I went a sea-apprentice bound
  C          C             F
I sailed the salt seas all 'round and 'round
  G          C        F          G
I scarce had sailed a voyage but one
     C         G            F        C
When I fell in love with my charming Anne

[Verse 2]
  C          G            F         C
I went to my captain both stout and bold
      C         F
And unto him my secret told
  G        C         F       G
I love yon lass as I love my life
     C       G           F       C
What would I give if she were my wife?

[Verse 3]
          C       G               F       C
Well, the captain said, "You're a foolish boy
       C       C                F
For to court a girl that you'll ne'er enjoy
    G           C            F         G
For she'll have lovers while you're at sea
    C         G            F         C
And she'll be married e're you'll be free"

[Verse 4]
      C       G             F      C
Well, I don't know but I'll go and try
        C     C         F
For she might fancy an apprentice boy
    G         C         F        G
And she might alter her mind for me
    C       G        F    C
And wait on me until I be free

[Verse 5]
      C            G          F          C
Well, I bought her ribbons, I bought her gloves
      C         C          F
These things to prove of a heart that loves
       G     C           F       G
She accepted all and she was not shy
        C        G            F          C
And she vowed to wait for her apprentice boy

[Verse 6]
        C       G               F       C
When my ship is anchored and my work is o'er
     C        C                F
I'll steer my barque for sweet Erin's shore
      G      C           F         G
In my native country, my love I'll enjoy
           C       G        F         C
And she'll welcome home her apprentice boy

[Verse 7]
        C           G                 F        C
So come all you sea-apprentices where e'er you be
      C           C               F
Never slight your true love while you're at sea
     G    C          F         G
Just love her as you love your life
    C      G          F           C
And she'll consent to become your wife

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