Altan - I Wish My Love Was A Red Red Rose Guitar Chords


celtic, celtic rock, irish folk, irish neo-traditional

Chords: C, G, F, G/B, C/G, G/A
Altan - I Wish My Love Was A Red Red Rose

CAPO: 4th Fret

C   G   C   F

[Verse 1]
  C                  G
I wish my love was a red, red rose
G/B            F      C    G
Growing in yon garden fair
    C          F      C
And I to be the gardener
C/G                G
Of her I would take care

[Verse 2]
C                          F
There's not a month throughout the year
     C             G
That my love I'd renew
        C               G
I would garnish her with flowers fine
               G/A       C     F
Sweet William, Thyme and Rue

[Verse 3]
  C            G
I wish I was a butterfly
    G/B      F  C
I'd light on my love's breast
               F       C
And if I was a blue cuckoo
    C/G             G
I'd sing my love to rest

[Verse 4]
    C          F
And if I was a nightingale
    C                 G
I'd sing the daylight clear
    C                 G
I'd sit and sing with you, Molly
           G/A       C     F
For once I loved you dear

C    G    G/B  F  C
C   F   C   G   C   F   C   G
C   G     C   G

[Verse 5]
  C             G
I wish I was in Dublin town
G/B        F      C
And seated on the grass
            F              C
In my right hand, a jug of punch
    C/G           G
And on my knee, a lass

[Verse 6]
    C               F
I'd call for liquor freely
        C              G
And I'd pay before I'd go
    C             G
I'd roll my Molly in my arms
        G/A       C
Let the wind blow high or low
high or low

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