Altan - Adieu My Lovely Nancy Guitar Chords


celtic, celtic rock, irish folk, irish neo-traditional

Chords: G, C, D, Am, D7, Em, Bm
Altan - Adieu, My Lovely Nancy

CAPO: 2nd Fret

G C D G   Am   G   C D G   Am   D7

[Verse 1]
 G               C  D
Adieu, my lovely Nancy
    G               D
Ten thousand times adieu
        C              G        Em
I'll be thinking of my own true love
        Am        D        G
I'll be thinking, dear, of you

[Verse 2]
                               C      D
Will you change your ring with me, my love?
         G                     D
Will you change your ring with me?
        C             G   Em
It will be a token of our love
     Am   D      G
When I am far at sea

[Verse 3]
               C        D
When I am far away from home
        G                D
And you know not where I am
     C              G        Em
Love letters I will write to you
     Am    D       C
From every foreign strand

G C D G   Am   G   C D G   Am   D7

[Verse 4]
         G             C       D
When the farmer boys return at night
          G                     D
They will tell their girls fine tales
   C                     G Em
Of all that they've been doing
    Am      D      C       D
All day out in the fields

[Verse 5]
       G                  C        D
Of the wheat and hay that they cut down
          G                 D
Sure it's all that they can do
      C                    G         Em
While we poor jolly, jolly hearts of oak
     Am         D        Em
Must plough the seas all through

Bm   C     Em   D   C   G  C

[Verse 6]
    G               C        D
And when we return again, my love
       G               D
To our own dear native shore
     C               G       Em
Fine stories we will tell to you
       Am           D      G
How we ploughed the oceans o'er

[Verse 7]
                      C         D
And we'll make the alehouses to ring
        G                  D
And the taverns, they will roar
    C              G      Em
And when our money is all gone
           Am    D       C
Sure we'll go to sea for more

G C D G   Am   G   C D G   Am   D7  G

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