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English rock outfit Alt-J -- named for the delta symbol that appears when pressing "Alt" and "J" on a Mac keyboard -- deliver eccentric indie rock that experiments with rhythm, song structure, percussion, and space. Following the 2012 release of their critically acclaimed, award-winning debut, An Awesome Wave, they expanded their scope with 2014's This Is All Yours and 2017's Relaxer.

First formed in 2008 under the moniker FILMS, the founding quartet -- all of whom met at Leeds University -- spent two years rehearsing before inking a deal with Infectious Records in 2011. Their signature blend of layered, folk-inflected dub pop and soaring alternative rock was first heard on the 2012 singles "Matilda" and "Fitzpleasure," with the group's full-length studio debut, An Awesome Wave, arriving later that year. The album would eventually go on to earn the prestigious Mercury Prize, alongside three Brit Award nominations. They soon became mainstays on the U.K. and European festival circuit, expanding outward with tours in the U.S. and Australia as well.

The band's increasing success and heavy touring schedule eventually led to the amicable departure of bassist Gwil Sainsbury at the end of 2013. The remaining trio of singer/guitarist Joe Newman, keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton, and drummer Thom Green continued undeterred, and their sophomore record, This Is All Yours, was issued in the autumn of 2014. Critically well-received, This Is All Yours debuted at number one in the U.K. and fared similarly well in Europe and the U.S., where they earned their first Grammy nomination.

In early 2017, Alt-J issued a trio of singles, "3WW," "In Cold Blood," and "Adeline," in anticipation of the release of their third studio long-player, Relaxer, which dropped later that June. While not quite as successful as its predecessor, the album sold well and earned them a second Mercury Prize nomination. In 2018 they released a remix album, Reduxer, which featured a selection of tracks from Relaxer reworked in conjunction with a raft of hip-hop artists including Danny Brown, Little Simz, and Pusha T. ~ Timothy Monger, Rovi
Genres: indie rock

Guitar Chords:

Arrival In Nara
Bloodflood Pt Ii
Breezeblocks (ver. 2)
Breezeblocks (ver. 3)
Breezeblocks (ver. 4)
Breezeblocks (ver. 5)
Dancing In The Moonlight
Dissolve Me
Dissolve Me (ver. 2)
Dissolve Me (ver. 3)
Every Other Freckle
Hand-Made (ver. 2)
Hares On The Mountain
Hit Me Like That Snare
House Of The Rising Sun
Hunger Of The Pine
Hunger Of The Pine (ver. 2)
In Cold Blood
In Cold Blood (ver. 2)
Interlude 1
Interlude 3
Interlude I The Ripe And Ruin
Last Year
Left Hand Free
Lovely Day
Matilda (ver. 2)
Matilda (ver. 3)
Pusher (ver. 2)
Pusher (ver. 3)
Pusher (ver. 4)
Something Good
Something Good (ver. 2)
Taro (ver. 2)
Taro (ver. 3)
Tessellate (ver. 2)
The Gospel Of John Hurt
The Gospel Of John Hurt (ver. 2)
Warm Foothills
Warm Foothills (ver. 2)