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The Danish pop act Alphabeat -- comprised of members Anders SG (vocals), Stine Bramsen (vocals), Anders B (guitar), Rasmus Nagel (keyboard), Anders Reinholdt (bass), and Troels Hansen (drums) -- entered the European pop scene in 2007 with a self-titled debut record. Featuring slick, upbeat singles like "10,000 Nights," "Boyfriend," and "Fascination," Alphabeat charted three hits on the Denmark charts while attracting a following throughout the European continent, particularly in the Netherlands and the U.K. The band had originally taken form in 2004, when the band members began embracing the regional festival scene while combining elements of the B-52's and Wham! into a sugary hybrid.

Alphabeat's '80s nostalgia-ridden charm soon earned them a contract with Copenhagen Records, and the band made its debut in 2007 with an album composed primarily by the band's guitarist, Anders B, and veteran pop producer Rune Westberg. The record's leading single "Fascination" spread the band's popularity throughout the internet, earning gold status via online sales alone. Alphabeat's meteoric national success caught the attention of label execs outside Danish borders, including the international booking agency The Global Talent Group and numerous English record companies hoping to re-release the band's debut album in Great Britain. Ultimately, Alphabeat's debut album was reissued in Europe in 2008, albeit under the name This Is Alphabeat. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi
Genres: danish pop, electropop, europop, metropopolis

Guitar Chords:

10000 Nights Of Thunder
10000 Nights Of Thunder (ver. 2)
10000 Nights Of Thunder (ver. 3)
Boyfriend (ver. 2)
Fascination (ver. 2)
Fascination (ver. 3)
Hole In My Heart
Hole In My Heart (ver. 2)
Ocean Blue
Since I Met You
The Spell
The Spell (ver. 2)
The Spell (ver. 3)
The Spell (ver. 4)
What Is Happening
What Is Happening (ver. 2)
X-Mas Lets Do It Again