Alma Negra Guitar Chords

Alma Negra


Alma Negra is at once a forum curating sounds from around the world and a laboratory for fresh music. Formed in Basel of four obsessive diggers, DJs and dancers, their varied backgrounds and passion for ethnic sounds and rhythms makes for a unique club experience. 

Their love of percussion has seen their music described as tribal, but with so many influences between them this would barely scratch the surface of what they can do. From Adriatic beaches to Berlin sweatboxes, either as a DJ duo or LIVE act, the collective make definitive musical links from the golden age of New York house, via the axis of jazz and dance that emerges from Cuba or Brazil to the West Coast of Africa, through the Middle East and beyond. They are dedicated to using their many years of experience to captivate dance floors with their multi cultural-approach.

Their eponymous label, launched in 2018 is dedicated to creating a narrative of records that are highly club ready but offer fresh perspectives to the scene they love. The first run of 4 records is the ’12 Rhythms’ series with each track exploring a different global rhythm or dance as experienced by the collective and worked out through the studio. This approach has won support from luminaries across house, techno, disco and Balearic scenes. 

Guitar Chords:

Conclusión De Mi Saber
El Adiós
El Andante
Entre Tus Redes
Fuiste Mi Sol
Mis Sueños
Nace Una Lágrima
Noche De Poetas
No Podrás Entender
No Se Elije A Quien Amar
Nuestra Distancia
Razón Perdida
Siempre Estaré
Tu Voz