Ally Rhodes - August Sun Guitar Chords

Chords: Am, C, F, G
Am C F C

Am                           C                  F
I'm gonna treat this dark room like a confessional
              C                       G
I hope that's alright
Am                         C                         F
'Cause I've gone too long keeping the bottle corked on
                 C                     G
The storm in my mind
F                                      C
I know I've said many times that I'd be fine
F                                         C                  G
But I'll set the record right, that was a lie

Am                                   C
At least I think it was but God, I can't tell
       F                                           C
It was easy for the first five months and now it's hell
         Am                           C
I didn't feel a thing when I cut the ties
           F                             C
Now you're seeping right back on into my mind

Am C F C

Am                     C               F
If I could've seen the end of the tunnel
                           C            G
I'd still be holding your hand
Am                     C                          F
I admit it's my fault, but there's a lot to say
        C                G
For circumstance
F                                          C
I didn't know what I was doing while I was doing it
F                                         C
Like a tornado tearing through it, I ruined it

Am                                   C
At least I think I did, but God, I don't know
F                      C
August sun to January snow
Am                                     C
And it's the little things that sink into me
F                                  C
I just walked by and you forgot to breathe

F                                 C
  I just wanna make sure that you know
You're beyond beautiful
    F                                        C
And you're the only one I've ever loved like that
F                                        C
If I could find one of the edges of this page
I would flip to that day
And I'd take it back

             Am                        C
At least I think I would, but God, by now
    F                                             C
I wouldn't have a prayer so I might as well stay out
Am                                          C
I know she makes you smile, shine like the sun
F                                          C        G
And I'm still alive so that will have to be enough
             F               G           C
I'm still alive so that will have to be enough

F C Am C F C

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